My name is Mikaela Vera. I was born in Lincoln, Nebraska but I’ve lived in Texas for over half of my life. I certainly consider myself a Texan, and there is no other place I would want to live!  I graduated from Lytle High School (small town in South Texas), and proceeded to college at Park University.

Before joining the Oehlke CPA team in January of 2017, I spent my career in the media industry marketing and growing various local Texas businesses on TV and billboards.  This experience largely contributed to my extensive knowledge in a diverse variety of businesses, and perfected my client relations. At Oehlke CPA, I wear many hats and will do what it takes to meet the needs of our clients. I am an excellent communicator, diligent about completing difficult tasks, and love to learn and help clients.

When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two sons (ages 7 & 8), hunting, feeding our cattle, traveling, and anything turquoise!